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    Who We Are

    We are a team of licensed roofers and insulation specialists committed to ensuring that you enjoy quality indoor temperature. We want to improve the quality of your life. We do this by working together to solve the biggest issues in residential constructions, including extreme temperatures. We have the experience, training and knowledge to find the most reliable solutions for your insulation removal, insulation installation, attic cleaning and rodent proofing needs at a price you can afford.

    Our company has the most dependable team that ensures that the job is always done right the first time. We are offer free evaluation and inspections, as well as free estimates for the overall cost of the project.

    Why choose us

    As a reputable service provider in the industry, we have the expertise and experience necessary to get the job done. Our company consists of a team of insulation installers, project managers, professional roofers and product specialists who works best to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for improve the energy efficiency of your home, improving curb appeal or considering new fiberglass attic insulation, we’ve got you covered.

    Some of the reasons why we are regarded as the leader in the industry include the following:

    Experienced and Licensed Professionals to Handle your Property

    One of the most common mistakes of homeowners is doing the attic insulation on their own. Unless you have extensive training and knowledge in insulation installation, you are not really qualified to evaluate the current condition of your attic insulation. You may not also be able to pick the best insulation type to install.  Don’t try to DIY any attic insulation project. It is not only costly but also dangerous.

    At our company, we are employed with highly-trained and experienced staff that can evaluate your needs. They are knowledgeable in the process, so they recommend the most valuable course of action to take, as well as carry out a plan that will bring great results. When you contact us for a service, we send the most reliable and skilled experts to address your concerns.

    Equipped with High Quality Insulation Tools and Equipment

    We understand the right insulation tools and equipment are vital for a great result. For this reason, our company is equipped with state-of-the-art insulation equipment to carry out the task more efficiently. Our dedicated insulation techniques are trained on the use of the right type of equipment to install insulation. They integrate the best practices and use only the most reliable and effective technologies available.

    Excellent Customer Service

    We place our customers and their needs on top of our priority. Therefore, we give great emphasis on high quality customer service. Our clients and our employees are the blood of our business. Without you, our business is nothing and does not have any meaning. For this reason, we continue to ensure that you have the best experience working with us.

    From initial consultation to the actual project and regular maintenance, we make sure that the service you get is of great quality. We integrate the newest techniques and continue to develop our strategies to make the entire process as smooth and prompt as possible. We ensure our customer’s satisfaction all the time.

    Great Services for Affordable Prices

    In need of insulation installation to improve your indoor environment but unsure if it will suit your budget? Don’t worry! We offer a variety of outstanding services at an affordable price. Plus, we can provide free evaluation, estimate and consultation on some of our services.

    Increasing the value of your home does not have to be too costly. At our company, you can now access to a wide variety of unique service without breaking the bank. We understand that you home is one of your largest investments that is why we make sure to keep its integrity and boost its overall value.

    What’s more, we offer a wide spectrum of services. These include Attic insulation, Insulation installation, Insulation removal, Attic cleaning and sanitation, Air duct cleaning, Duct replacement, Rodent proofing and Crawl space insulation. So, no matter what service you’re looking for, we’ve got everything covered. Each of these services is carried out by our experienced and licensed insulation specialists to meet your specific needs.

    Contact us today and take advantage of our variety of incredible services.


    (707) 240-8208

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    I want to take few minutes to review this business!
    Mike came to my house after setting appointment through the magazine.

    They showed up on time and was very helpful and informative because i have zero knowledge about insulation..

    At the same day we scheduled the job the guys did great job covering my house and were very respectful.
    Job was done in one day and was very efficient!

    Thank you Y&S

    Shanni S. Los Angeles, CA

    I recently purchased a “flipped” home where the flippers did a less than stellar job. One of the areas they skimped on was the insulation. Mike from Y&S promptly came out to give an estimate, and even made me aware of how I could save by applying for an energy rebate.

    I moved forward with the removal of the old insulation, sanitation of the attic, and install of the new insulation. The whole process was super efficient and clean. Their prices are fair and they are communicative, responsive, and straightforward.

    I would highly recommend them!

    Xo_ K. Los Angeles, CA

    I have used YS home builders on several projects throughout our house and I can’t say enough about their customer experience. I was supposed to have insulation work done by another company, but due to scheduling changes I moved on and less than 24 hours later I had an energy audit completed and signed off on. Less than a week after that I had 5 guys down at my house blowing 16″ (YES 16 INCHES!) of insulation in the attic of my 2 story home. After showing up as schedule they were finished in less than 5 hours while being clean and professional. The temperature difference along with the saving in energy bills in the future makes this 100% worth it.

    John D. North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

    Joseph and his team did an awesome job with this project. Attic clean up, new insulation, air duct repair, install, and organization, new intake filter grill installation and a stove hood vent install. They were friendly, professional and very hard working. Thank you so much. Looking forward for future home projects to send your way.

    Alfred B. Valencia, CA